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Face Lift Massage

Keep age at bay or simply look your best with a face lift massage. These deeply relaxing massages leave your skin fresh, healthy, firm and glowing.

The massages have a toning, lifting effect on the muscles and they redefine the contours of your face such as cheekbones and jawline. Wrinkles are reduced.

Skin looks fresh and glowing as the techniques used allow a better flow of blood and lymph. Eye bags are reduced.

The stimulation of the energy points of the face allow a deep relaxation leaving you feeling calm and centred.

I practise the following types of Face Lift Massage and can draw on a number of different methods to achieve an individually tailored massage:

  • Natural Face Lift Massage which combines techniques from Ayuvedic massage, acupressure and Swedish massage. A very small amount of organic oil can be used or the massage can be done without oil if preferred.
  • Ayuvedic Face Lift Massage which works on the marma points of the face. These are centres of vital energy which balance, nourish and rejuvenate when massaged. This is combined with the use of oils tailored to your individual constitution to enhance the effect.
  • Facial Reflexology which works on the reflex points on the face, enhancing the well being and balance of your whole body while rejuvenating your face. Organic oils suitable to your skin type are used with this massage.

    This is a non invasive therapy using only massage techniques.

    The Face Lift Massage is for one hour and is done with the client fully clothed on a therapy couch. You will notice the difference after one treatment. Use it to look your best for a special occasion or, for best results, a course of six treatments is recommended, weekly or fortnightly. Then, to maintain the benefits, a treatment once a month follows.

  • To book an appointment in West Wickham or Croydon or to discuss the therapies please call 020 8287 5443 or 07940 784983, or email me at jane.a.stevens@hotmail.co.uk.

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