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Find your Christmas Glow

To look your best at Christmas and New Year, try our Christmas Special Facial Rejuvenation packages, five relaxing and rejuvenating facial massages before 1st January as a special Christmas offer. Treat yourself to a series of calming and uplifting facial treatments to help counteract the stress of busy Christmas preparations.

Ayuvedic Face Lift Massage
The Ayuvedic Face Lift Massage stimulates the Marma points to revitalise and refresh your face together with facial massage to lift and sculpt the muscles and contours of your face and neck. Improved blood and lymph flow enable a brightening of your complexion while the use of an Ayuvedic oil helps to enhance the texture. Collagen and elastin are stimulated for a reduction in wrinkles.
Five one hour treatments before 1st January - £190

Natural Face Lift Massage
The Natural Face Lift Massage uses techniques from Ayuvedic massage and Swedish massage to lift, sculpt and tone the face and improve blood and lymph flow for a brighter complexion. The massage also stimulates collagen and elastin to reduce wrinkles. This massage uses very little oil or can be done without oil for those who prefer an oil free treatment.
Five one hour treatments before 1st January - £190

Zone Face Lift
The Zone Face Lift combines Facial Reflexology with advanced facial massage techniques. Facial Reflexology stimulates the muscles of the face to lift while giving all the health benefits of Reflexology. The advanced face lift massage techniques sculpts, lifts and tones the face and neck, stimulates collagen and elastin, and enables a natural glow. Neal's yard oils or organic grapeseed oil are used for this treatment.
Five one hour treatments before 1st January - £275

For best results treatments can be taken every five days up to once weekly.

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